Wealth Trade

We believe that fair trade is not enough.  We were founded with the understanding, companies try to squeeze workers in developing countries to make cheap products for more developed nations.

Fair trade is only meeting bare minimums, not enabling producers to earn enough money to support their family. 

Even, if they were able to support their family completely, to us, that is not enough. 

For the last few thousands years, the people who make the money are those who add value to the product and sell retail. While those who engage in the production work to harvest the raw materials scrape by.  It is time for all to be able to become prosperous in each area of the chain and have the opportunity to build their wealth as individuals.

Lōpe Family

What is it? 

A new form of trade, which enables producers to share in the wealth. 


Our proposal to initiate the wealth trade: Our team members will grow with us as the company grows in revenue

1. Share in the dividends through a company savings and investment plan for improved access to financing mechanisms which they own. 

2. Wages & Salaries continue to grow as the company grows. 

3. Growth Oriented Employment plan, which increases benefit such as education (adult and for their children), health plans and savings plans as the company grows.