Founders' Mission for health and healing of bodies, economies and forests

Promoting health and avoiding toxins is at the core of our beliefs. I grew up with a mother who has chronic illness and depression. I watched her take pill after pill, while still being in bed and sick. I was always seeking natural solutions for her and my own health issues. I would go to the doctor for different ailments, but they would never give me a cure. Each time, the only thing that would permanently solve the  problem was natural solutions.  

A life long search for natural healing led me to the Desert Date Tree. I had made friends from South Sudanese in college. When the war was over we traveled back to South Sudan together, to build secondary schools for girls. While there, I was introduced to many medicinal trees and I fell in love with one in particular, which is call Lalope. Traditionally it is used for treating malaria, diabetes and high blood pressure, they even use its leaves as snake bite antidote!

After, I found research with both the medicinal and cosmetic properties, I tried it on my skin. My face had already started to age at 29 and it was badly broken out from my copper toxicity, leaving many dark spots. My skin was an absolute mess. I had tried almost every expensive product natural product I could find. Nothing worked. So I tried desert date oil and I started to notice changes almost immediately. I added other regional, traditionally medicinal trees to make even more powerful formulas. Today, I can’t imagine my skin without it.


I grew up around the tree, eating the fruits. The seeds are very hard to open so they mostly just went to waste. 

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