We believe that the Beauty Industry can greatly contribute to improving our environment. 

If brands are committed to sustainable and regenerative harvesting of ingredients, that protect our forests we can support the proliferation of these carbon capturing and shade producing environments, while also creating, not only decent but wealth creating jobs, particularly for women.  

We believe that fair trade is not enough. 

We were founded with the understanding that companies try to squeeze workers in developing countries to make cheap products for more developed nations.
Fair trade is still only meeting bare minimums, not enabling producers to earn enough money to fully support their family or even begin to accumulate wealth.  
For centuries, the people who make the money are those who add value to the product and sell retail. While those who engage in the production work to harvest the raw materials scrape by. It is time for all to be able to become prosperous on the chain and have the opportunity to build their wealth. 
Our vision is to create a supply chain where all Lōpe Team members, starting from the harvesters, are able to fully support their families and begin the life long journey of wealth accumulation.