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Lōpe's Oil Layering System supercharges your journey to heal any damage to your skin - such as acne scaring, sun damage, aging skin and different skin traumas that need repair. The system includes: 

1) Aegyptiaca Cleansing Oil - A magical cleansing oil, which can also be left on as a moisturizer. (See the product page for more info and tips on usage)

2) Aegyptiaca Silk - Our signature face oil, which heals, locks in moisture and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.  Our silk absorbs super face leaving behind, soft, supple skin (feels like silk) with no sticky residues.

3) Créme de la Tree - This ultra-hydrating cream contains the luxurious and ultra-healing Shea Nilotica butter. Leave this on overnight and you will wake up with soft healed baby skin. We also love it during the day - with a thin layer.



1) Cleanse your face with the Aegyptiaca Cleansing Oil using the oil cleansing method and your favorite face sponge. (optional in the morning). Alternatively, you can just lightly dry brush your skin in the AM. 

2) Follow-up with Aegyptiaca Silk to seal in moisture.

3) Apply a very fine layer of Créme de la Tree. (optional in the morning.)


1) Cleanse your face with the Aegyptiaca Cleansing Oil using the oil cleansing method and your favorite face sponge. (pre-remove any heavy make-up)

2) Follow-up with Aegyptiaca Silk to seal in moisture.

3) Seal everything in with Créme de la Tree for overnight repair. This will stop moisture from evaporating from your skin while you sleep. 

Feel your Baby's bottom Soft Skin.

Only 3 Ingredients - Desert Date Oil & Desert Date seed pâte (Balanites Aegyptiaca), Gum Acacia (Acacia Senegalis Gum) & Shea Nilotica Butter (Vitellaria Nilotica)

1. Shake vigorously till blended.

2. Massage 1/2 to1 dropperful lightly on skin, do this for 2 to 3 minutes.

3. Use a warm wet cloth or facial sponge and scrub in a circular motion. Faint lather may or may not develop.

4. Rinse while continuing to use the wet cloth or facial sponge.

5. Finish with A. Silk and then Creme de la Tree. Depending on how moisturized you want to be, you can use both or just one. We use both!

Avoid eyes.

This system can be mixed and matched depending on your schedule, mood and what you feel like doing.

- This can be done as a very leisurely and spa like event.

- It can be done like a quick regular morning & Evening routing.

- It can also be done on the go in morning by omitting the cleansing, but quickly moisturizing with the Silk and the Créme.

- Pick your favorite sponge for the cleanse

- Pick your favorite dry brush for pre-oil prep. With this, you lightly dust off some dead skin cells, peeping the skin to make the oil absorb well.

- Our little secret: We like to use the hair poof! Hair Poof as a sponge. We know this is not its original use, but we have found the texture to be very gentle both do use as a dry brush and also as a wet sponge.

-To remove dry skin cells on the the go, apply the Silk and let sit for 60 seconds. then use the poof (dry) to slough off dead skin cells. Use the poof by brushing up and away from the center of the face. Follow-up with the Créme. Your skin will just be soo amazing.

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