100% Wild Skincare
So clean you can Eat it



Once used in Ancient Egypt to heal sunburn, scars and wounds, Desert Date oil has been lost in skincare and Lōpe is bringing it back. Desert Date oil is anti-inflammatory and actively supports new skin cell turnover, so it is safe for sensitive skin while still providing the benefits of some of the more harsh skin renewing options.

Aging Gracefully Duo

We created this Duo for those who want to age gracefully with their naturally healthy skin and for those who may not be able to tolerate harsher treatments, such as retinols or peels. Its best used after your favorite gentle exfoliation method or after Lōpe’s cleansing oil. Layer the silk followed by the crème for a nourishing and moisture sustaining combination. This enables the rich nutrients of the oil to sink deeper into your cells, while the crème forms a protective layer locking in moisture.

Aegyptiaca Silk
Wild Botanical Face Oil

Our signature oil that started it all! Our silk has the ideal mix of compounds to repair environmental and age-related skin damage. Anti-oxidants & Fatty Acids & Polysaccharides, enable a plumping effect due to their ability to hold & retain water. Desert Date Oil also contains a naturally occurring steroid called Diosgenin, which supports cell turnover making it your graceful aging secret weapon.

Crème de la Tree
Ultra-Repairing Mousse

This decadent Mousse forms a protective yet breathable layer for your skin cells to retain their precious moisture. It’s high olein content gives it a soft and creamy texture and supports cell membranes to retain their natural hydrating factors. Also helps to minimize pore appearance.