100% Wild Desert Date OIl

Lōpe Glow


Skincare with
a Purpose

Sustainably Wild Harvested by Women in N. Uganda

What Lōpe Lover's are Saying

“It helped me to get rid of lines. And I use it as a preventative. It is definitely a preventative, because at my age, I should have more lines and be spending more money on things such as botox..But because of Lōpe I don’t need to do anything else!”

Kaz B.
New York, NY

"Love loved love the oil. My skin feels plump and just so well taken care of. I'll be reordering more product soon!!!"

Gesche H

"LOVE love the cream. It hydrates for long periods of time. I actually feel like it keeps the moisture in my skin, unlike other creams, which seem to disappear and do nothing."

Suzanne J.
North Carolina
All the things

"All the things you want your skin to be
Soft, Smooth, Supple, Plump, Elastic, Glowy, Radiant, Bright.

It's everything."

- Kaz B. Lōpe Lover, New York, NY

Letter from from a Longtime Lōpe Lover

"Please know that I have tried soooooooo many products to find the "Holy grail" skincare regime. And now I actually found it.  A soothing silky oil that is natural, organic, and hydrating. Not to mention the fresh smell, which is just delicious. It also means a lot to me that the company that produces this perfect oil cares about not only the environment, but its workers who bring the product to me.  I cannot tell you what that means to me.  

However, when I found Aegyptiaca Silk, the ingredient list was just "two" beautiful ingredients, and I was SOLD!!!

I think sometimes skincare companies try to do too much and muddle the beauty of a simplistic product.  I think that is why I love it so much.  It is pure, simple and effective, smells great, tastes great (I tried a tablespoon tonight, as I usually take two tablespoons of Flax seed a day for my skin and hair), and I am without words.  

IT IS THE BEST FACE OIL ON THE MARKET TODAY.  I know you already know this, but it is coming from a complete stranger who found you and your company on Instagram while searching for organic skin oils.  I will never EVER be without it.  So if you keep seeing me ordering new roller ball vials or pump bottles, just know I AM obsessed. Not crazy, but I just truly believe in this product."

- Joy L., Florida

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MOMENT OF ZEN from our headquarters in N. Uganda


As one of the first companies to bring Desert Date Oil to the world, we had to build our supply chain from scratch as no one was producing this ancient oil for skincare. This gave us the opportunity to create our supply chain right. Read more about our mission here. The Lōpe team directly harvests and opens each seed by hand. We then coldpress your Desert Date oil in our little factory in Northern Uganda.

No Middleman required.

LIquid Gold


Once used in Ancient Egypt to care for sunburn, scars and wounds, Desert Date oil's high levels of naturally occurring alpha carotene, create its golden hue and supports skin nutrition.

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Charged with Love Energy

Our founder is trained in an Energy healing modality which focuses on transferring high vibrational love energy to others and anything that has electrons for healing. Using the main premise of Quantum Mechanics, all of our products are charged with love, which also raises the vibration of your skin, creating a prime environment of healing.💚✨💫

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