Aging Gracefully Duo
Aging Gracefully Duo
Aging Gracefully Duo

Aging Gracefully Duo

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This is the founder's go to duo. Basically, she is lazy and wants a lot of results for minimal effort, while still keeping her routine 100% Wild (better than organic). She applies this twice a day and that's it. See below for best use. Scroll down to see the founder's before and afters.
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We created this Duo for those who want to age gracefully by letting their natural skin repair and shine. This also works great for those who don't have a lot of time for their skincare routine.  

Layer our Aegyptaica Silk and Crème de la Tree and you will create a cocoon that locks in moisture to help prevent future damage to your skin, while helping to support the repair of previous damage.

Massage about .5-1 dropper into clean skin morning and night or any time of day your would like! You could also use, 1-2 drop(s) on the forehead, 1-2 drop(s) on each under eye and cheeks and 1-2 drops on the bottom half of the face. Then of course 2-3 drops on your neck!

Best used after exfoliation and or the Aegyptiaca Cleansing Oil. It will soak right in.

Follow-up with a small pump of the Crème de la Tree also massaging into the skin to create an occlusive layer.

May sting if it comes into contact with eyes due to the oils natural saponin content.

Use your favorite exfoliation process prior applying the Duo. Our favorite is the facial dry brush to lightly slough off dead skin cells. 

Then apply the silk as you would a moisturizer: 

In the morning and if you are short on time - use one or two drops on the major sections (forehead, cheeks and chin) of the face and massage into skin.

When you have a little more time - use 3 to 4 drops on the major sections of the face and give yourself a nice facial massage.

Follow up with a very small pump of the Crème to create an occlusive layer that softens and locks in moisture.  

You can do this twice a day. 

In the morning, especially if using make-up, use a very minimal amount. It will absorb quickly and have a matte finish, which you can apply make-up on top of. 

In the evening, we recommend to be a little more generous with the amount to allow it to work over night. 

For extra Intense benefits:

You can use the “Slugging Method” with the silk and crème together. “Slugging refers to the process of sealing your skin with an occlusive agent, overnight.”

Many people use petroleum based products, but our crème is an all natural, 100% wild tree-based product. 

Aegyptiaca Silk: Desert Date Oil (Balanites Aegyptiaca oil), Gum Acacia (Acacia Senegal Gum)

Crème de la Tree: Shea Nilotica Butter (Vitellaria Nilotica), Desert Date Oil (Balanites Aegyptiaca oil)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Suzanne Jones
Magic Oil

I love the way the oils make my skin feel. Instead of being dry in the cold weather, my skin is soft and glowing. If you don’t have any, you should surely try it and you will be happy you did. 5 stars!!

Amy T.
Life Changing Skincare

I have been in the cosmetics and skincare industry for 15 years and have NEVER found anything like this. I am 47 years old with hormonal acne on my chin and now periocular and periorbital dermatitis that flares up at will. Your 3-piece oil layering system has cleared my skin completely. I have tried countless products on the market and been to the dermatologist time after time only to be given antibiotics and harsh chemical laden topicals. This brand is completely natural, organic and consists of only three ingredients. If you are struggling with any skin issues or just want the most beautiful skin of your life, you must try this line. You will never use anything else again. Thank you so much for bringing us this wonder brand!!! It is truly amazing.

Christie Edwards
My New Secret Weapon

I have been using these two oils and I absolutely love them. I can feel a difference in my skin, the look of my skin and the tone of my skin. As a woman of a certain age, these have become my secret weapon.

Thank you for these botanical blessings!

Kelsey Halling

Was gifted this set earlier this year, and have become a true believer! Love these products and how it kept my skin glowing even through winter and a new baby.

Love these products!

I struggle with dry skin in the winter and recently moved to a drier climate. Thank goodness I found Lope Tree - the best face oil and cream on the market! It's calming, hydrating, and protects my skin every day. Plus, a bottle lasts forever. A tiny bit covers my whole face. I also feel great about the clean, two-ingredient formula and about supporting Ugandan women who sustainably harvest the ingredients in the wild. Win/win.

Lōpe Founder Before & After

Before Lōpe

This is the founder of Lōpe's Forehead at 32. "I had been working out in the dry sun and didn't pay attention to my skin. I just used a cleanser and that was it! A friend pointed out these lines on my forehead and I couldn't believe it." 🤭

After Lōpe Use

This is the founder of Lōpe Forehead at 39! No, it didn't take her 7 years to correct, but this shows that at 39 her skin is even better that at 32 and she has never used botox or any other treatments. "I have been using our formulas for the last 7 years and I can't imagine my life with out it. It erased the lines I had and keeps them from coming back. I believe it is important as the founder, to show your skin and I can promise I don't use anyone else's products!"

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