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This crème is 100% from Wild Trees and does not contain any water. Hence, "crème de la tree". The combination of oils provides a rich mix of skin nutrition and fatty acids. There is absolutely no water, which is the first ingredients in most expensive face creams.
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This decadent Mousse forms a protective occlusive layer (yet breathable) for your skin to retain is precious moisture.

It is the Crème de la Crème of creams which provides protection for the skin to retain its natural hydration.

1. Use as the last step in your skincare routine.

2. Massage a small pump into clean skin morning and night.

3. Best used after exfoliation and on top of Aegyptiaca Silk.

Also as the final step in our Oil Layering System.

Avoid eyes.

- To give it a lighter feel, use a small amount.

- If you still find heavy to use in the morning, use as a seal in the evening.

- The Lōpe team wears this instead of makeup.

- If you like to thin it out after being applied, use a drop of Aegyptiaca silk.

- Give yourself a longer face massage with this, massaging any fine lines you want to erase.

For overnight use:

Use the “Slugging Method” with the silk and crème together. “Slugging refers to the process of sealing your skin with an occlusive agent, overnight.” Many people use petroleum based products, but our crème is an all natural, 100% from forests in N. Uganda, a tree-based product. 

Apply a generous amount so that your skin is still oily and the product has not completely absorbed. Try to sleep on your back (if you can), to give your cells an overnight bath in fatty acids.

Shea Nilotica Butter (Vitellaria nilotica)Desert Date Oil (Balanites Aegyptiaca Oil)

Customer Reviews

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Karen Riddell
Very good quality

Especially for dry or mature skin. I liked it very much, but it's really out of my price range. If you have the money, it's worth a try

Krista Landerholm
Love the product -- rethink the pump

I am a huge fan of the product. Very rich and soothing and, surprisingly, did not make me break out. The pump mechanism struggles with the thickness of the product. I ended up using a small makeup spatula to scoop out the creme.


Great product! Feels like velvet, so moisturizing but not oily. Sits nicely even under makeup so good day or night. Perfect for my dry skin in winter.

Absolutely Wonderful!

First off, the founder, Lauren, is a true gem! I had a problem with my order and she bent over backwards to fix it. She really, truly cares. You can also tell she truly cares about the communities she's working with in Uganda which is very special. I have no association with the company at all but she created huge brand loyalty before I even got to the product!
I'm also happy to report that I love the Creme de la Tree itself!
I have normal (not too dry or oily) but extremely breakout prone skin that is also showing signs of aging as I near my mid-thirties. I've been using this for close to two months now and it has not exacerbated my breakouts! If anything the ones that do pop up seem to be smaller and are healing faster. It's still early to see any effect on my fine lines/wrinkles/forehead creases but my skin is sooo soft and much brighter and more even! I think it has also softened some of my light scarring from previous breakouts.
It's a really emollient cream that's also a bit occlusive from the Shea and really locks in the moisturize and helps my skin barrier. The scent is very mild and disappears quickly after it sinks in.
I've found that warming it in my hand then lightly patting it onto slightly damp skin gives me the best results. It takes a few minutes to completely sink in but even then it doesn't look greasy, just dewy. I use a full pump at night and a little less in the morning under sunscreen.
As a side note, I used it consistently for over a month then my second unopened bottle completely vanished! I was terrified it had gotten tossed with Christmas packaging or something and was devastated! I didn't have it for about three weeks and my skin started to revert to being a bit rougher and dryer in texture. I eventually found it had slipped behind a bathroom cupboard and was thrilled when it only took a few days for my skin to soften and become so much brighter again! Seeing the before and after twice completely cemented how incredibly well it works for my skin.
Overall would definitely recommend trying it out! I think I've FINALLY found my longterm moisturizer after LOTS of trial and error!


I love the Lope Tree products; especially the Creme de la Tree. Since I started using these products on my skin there is a noticeable difference in how my skin looks and feels. I highly recommend!

Thank you so much Alison!! So happy you are seeing a difference. We saw a difference in our own skin, which is why we wanted to make it available to other!

Lōpe Founder Before & After

Without Lōpe

This is the founder of Lōpe's Forehead at 30. "I had been working out in the dry sun and didn't pay attention to my skin. I just used a cleanser and that was it! A friend pointed out these lines on my forehead and I couldn't believe it." 🤭

With Lōpe

This is the founder of Lōpe Forehead at 39! Fortunately, it didn't take her years to correct, but at 39 her skin is even better than at 30 and she has never used botox or any other treatments. "I have been using our formulas for years and I can't imagine my life with out it. It has almost erased the lines I had and keeps them from coming back. I believe it is important as the founder, to show your skin and I can promise I don't use anyone else's products!"

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